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Laptopcut.com brings you the best products available on the web with the unbiased reviews by the experts after extensive testing to help you make smart purchasing decisions.

How this all started…

I buy things online. Amazon is my go-to place for most of the products. Every time, I buy something, I would go through a tedious work of at least an hour or two:

Search products on Amazon. Check out the models available and their features, prices, etc. Read the reviews on Amazon which are usually not very in-depth, so I had to Google them to look for more thorough reviews by experts who have actually used them.

The problem: Most of the reviews I would read online are too good to be true. It’s pretty evident from the pace they publish content and it’s broken English that they are solely written for the purpose of earning a commission without ever seeing the product in real.

I am an entrepreneur and a techie by heart and see the problems as an opportunity. So, I decided to do something about it and discussed this internally with my team and some relevant industry experts.

The solution: We simply wanted to help buyer’s take smart purchasing decision NOT just another review blog to earn a few bucks out of affiliate commission. We believe if we can do it right i.e. build a team of experts who actually use and test the product and publish unbiased reviews, we can earn the trust of the customers.

What do we do?

We have a small team of experts and hobbyists who actually purchase the products (unlike everyone else), use and test them extensively and write the key points of the best products.

The super content writers we have on panel, and then write the reviews in a fun way based on the data provided by the testers (the experts who test the products) and publish them online.

And then we have customers like YOU who come to our website to find the best products in your favorite category, analyze the reviews, features, benefits, pros, and cons to make smart purchasing decisions and get the real value for money.

One Promise

Like any other business we have to monetize it to keep it sustainable and we do earn a commission from the products we recommend on our website but we have a PROMISE to make with our customers:

We NEVER let the commission affect our analysis and reviews of the products and that’s what makes us different.

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