Lenovo ThinkPad E580 Business Laptop -...
  • 15.6-Inch Anti-Glare (1366x768) Display...
  • Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5 GHz (Turbo 3.10...
  • 500 GB HDD | 4 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM |...
  • 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless (2x2) +...
  • Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit - Black

Are you an overworked college student or a struggling business professional in the market looking for an inexpensive, robust laptop to meet your varied needs? We think Lenovo’s robust ThinkPad E580 might be a good option for you. Read on to make your decision! 

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The ThinkPad is available in two beautiful colors for you to choose from: black and silver. The lid is made of aluminium, while the chassis consists of plastic – a seamless combination of elegance and functionality.

Regular Lenovo users will immediately recognize the ThinkPad logo on the lid, with the dot on the ‘i’ doubling as a red light that turns on to indicate the laptop is in use, and blinks slowly to indicate hibernation. 

While some would think the squared edges of the monitor are too boxy and inelegant for their taste, we feel they contribute to the overall refined, minimalistic touch of the laptop.

However, the matte finish on the body does prove to be cumbersome, as it collects a lot of grease over time, giving the laptop an unclean look if not cleaned meticulously and frequently.


The maximum processor you can get in this model is an 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7. Reviews for the processor are mixed, but it certainly is an upgrade from ThinkPads of the past.

Being powerful while utilizing low energy, the Core i5-8250 and Core i7-8550U options that you can get are guaranteed to give you optimal performance.

The base clock of 1.6 GHz can go up to 3.4 GHz.

For its price, the CPU offers relatively efficient performance. While it is by no means the best of the best, if you wish to get a better CPU, the price of the product would go up significantly.

Lastly, as the target audience is not people requiring the laptop for heavy-duty functions, like gamer or graphic design professionals, it is safe to say that this quad-core processor will be more than enough for your everyday needs, be it web browsing, using applications such as Photoshop or Premiere Pro, or for watching movies.

RAM & Storage

The lowest memory you can get with this model is a 4 GB RAM, which can be upgraded up to 32 GB.

While we were pleasantly surprised to hear of the in-built SSD, it came as a huge disappointment, because of how slow it performed.

The one redeeming feature is that the laptop comes equipped with two RAM slots, one of which is empty. So you can upgrade your RAM to something faster if you feel that your daily needs are not being fulfilled.

Again, this is unfortunate because not everyone is tech-savvy, and one shouldn’t have to make any expensive upgrades to get the best out of any laptop.


With the ThinkPad, you get a choice between the 15.6″ HD antiglare and the 15.6″ IPS FHD antiglare. The former offers 1366 x 768 resolution, whereas the latter takes it up to 1920 x 1080, which is the average you can get for laptops in that price range.

While the 1920 x 1080 resolution is adequate for tasks and generally remaining productive, we wouldn’t recommend it for movie-viewing. This is because the colors aren’t as vibrant as we would have liked and expected out of this laptop. The weak colors when paired with the inadequacy of the brightness setting rob one of a worthwhile experience.

As for the angles, they are amazing, so much so that the screen bends back all the way until it’s adjacent to the lower body of the laptop. This is useful for sharing ideas with your teammates or colleagues, or even just for a diversified viewing experience.


There are a good number of useful ports on both sides of the ThinkPad E580.

All-in-all, the ThinkPad has two USB 3.1 Type-A ports, one USB 2.0 port, a microSD card reader, Ethernet port, HDMI out, a 3.5 mm combo audio jack for headphones/microphones, and finally, a USB Type-C port.

You will find the SD card reader, the USB 2.0, and Ethernet ports on the right. If you look at the left, you’ll see the two USB 3.1 ports, the HDMI out, and audio combo jack. You will also find on the left the USB Type-C port that the charger connects to. You can also use this to connect to another monitor.

With the heating vents being located in the joint between the keyboard and the screen, we believe this isn’t the best decision Lenovo could have made. The unfortunate positioning of the vents means that the keyboard and monitor heat up with any degree of use of the laptop, what with all the hot air being blown directly onto the monitor and near the keyboard. It would have been wiser to have the vents on the sides, as most laptops do.


The ThinkPad E580 features a full-size keyboard. This means it not only has a QWERTY keyboard, but has also incorporated a numeric keypad within the body. The manufacturers achieved this by shrinking the Enter and arrow keys, while also ensuring that the numeric keypad keys are slightly smaller than the QWERTY keys.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t prove to be much of a disadvantage over keyboards lacking a numeric keypad, as we find average typing speed doesn’t decrease, and the keys themselves are quite clicky and responsive.

One must ask, though, since this laptop is marketed towards students and business professionals, and not, say, accountants, why the sacrifice in the first place? And does the numeric keypad offer as much utility as is taken away (aesthetically and in terms of ease of use) by shrinking the QWERTY keyboard?

One design flaw that we found irritating was the switching of the Ctrl and fn keys so that the fn key is on the left rather than the Ctrl key. While there is an option to switch the function of the keys, it is strange that one should have to do this in the first place.


The touchpad is smooth, responsive, and allows for multi-touch functionality. There are two buttons on the top, and two within the actual touchpad, allowing for maximum functionality.

The track point pointing stick is nestled between the ‘G’, ‘H’, and ‘B’ keys, if you are someone who prefers the precision of this over the touchpad.


The E580 offers three security features, namely the Trusted Platform Module (dTPM) 2.0 chip, which operates side-by-side with the second feature, Windows 10 Pro Bit locker. These will encrypt passwords and other data. 

The third feature is the option of a fingerprint reader in some models, which is located to the right of the touchpad, right above the ThinkPad logo. With a mere touch you can access your device. You can even opt for Windows Hello face recognition software instead. Who has time for remembering passwords, right?


At over 4.5 lbs., or over 2 kg, the ThinkPad is no lightweight. And that isn’t always the best thing. 

This device is definitely not one you would want to carry around in your bag – think of your poor shoulders!

Even so, most users keep their laptop plugged in or on a desk while working, so the extra bulk should not be much of a problem. Additionally, the 15.6 inches of screen that you get to enjoy contribute to much of the weight anyway.

Battery Life

The E580 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to battery life. It will last you an average of 8 hours for full web-browsing, video playback, with near 10 hours of maximum battery time. This means it will easily last you a full workday with no need to recharge it.

However, if you wish to do any gaming, we would suggest you do it with the device plugged in, since we find you will barely get two hours of game-play on battery power.

Specs Recap
  • Editor’s Score: 8/10
  • Product Name: Lenovo ThinkPad E580
  • Processor: Up to 8th Generation Intel® Core™ i7
  • RAM: Up to 32 GB DDR4 (2 DIMM)
  • Storage: Up to 2 TB 5400 rpm 2.5″ SATA HDD
  • Display: 15.6″ HD (1366 x 768) antiglare
  • Screen Size: 15.6 in
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon™ RX 550 2 GB
  • Weight: Starting at 4.7 lbs (2.1 kg)
  • Battery Life: Up to 10 hours


This is also one of the redeeming features for the ThinkPad E580. While there are different prices for the colors, you’re not only paying for the color, because the silver model comes equipped with a better resolution monitor than the 1366 x 768 panel that you get with the black model.

Additionally, both models will keep your budget below $800, which is desirable for students and non-specialized professionals alike. 

  • Sturdy body
  • Responsive keyboard
  • Multiple angles offered in display
  • Upgradeable processor and RAM
  • Lacks touchscreen
  • Bland colours
  • Heavy weight

In conclusion, the Lenovo ThinkPad E580 has a lot to respect, with its sleek frame, responsive keyboard, angled display, and customisable features. Most important of all, the price, starting below $700, is particularly attractive for those who don’t have a larger budget – think broke college students and small-scale business employees. While there is a lot that could have been improved, the RAM, to name one, we are confident this will be a great pick for you.

What are your thought on this laptop? Questions, concerns?

Hit us up in the comments below!

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